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Our carpets are made from a combination of nylon, polyester, acrylic, and olefin, along with wool, cotton, silk, and jute. These fibers offer the best of both worlds: strength, stain resistance, and color fastness of synthetic fibers, and softness, comfort, and breathability of natural fibers. Our carpets are designed to last long and look great in any setting.

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Silk Carpet · Process Application

Tufted Carpet

Tufted carpets are based on simple colors and patterns, which can be matched with different decoration styles.

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Handmade Carpet

Handmade carpet feet feel comfortable, three-dimensional sense, belongs to the high-end custom process. The handmade carpet can completely present the design concept of the designer, and can also improve the decoration grade.

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Silk Carpet · Scene Application

Qianqiao Carpet Production Strength

QianQiao Production service system


Communicate needs with customer service

Immediately consult

Design Draft

One on one communication, design sample

Immediately consult

Free Sampling

Once confirmed, arrange for a sample

Immediately consult

Mass Production

After sampling, the customer confirms and produces bulk goods

Immediately consult

Quality Inspection

Conduct inspection on genuine products and arrange for shipment

Immediately consult
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