Nylon Carpet

Nylon carpet is famous for its intricate and exquisite designs.Nylon carpets are available in antistatic and non-antistatic categories. The so-called antistatic is to add a small amount of carbon fiber during the processing of nylon yarn to facilitate the elimination of static electricity in the carpet. The hotel's air conditioning facilities are ineffective and cannot maintain normal temperature and humidity. Antistatic nylon carpets should be used. Because of the relatively low temperature and dry air, nylon carpets are more likely to generate static electricity, giving pedestrians an uncomfortable electric shock sensation.

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Nylon Carpet · Process Application

Printed Carpet

Printed carpet can be personalized design patterns and colors, fast delivery, cost-effective.

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Wilton Carpet

Wilton carpet has long service life, stable carpet shape, easy to clean and maintain, and high cost performance.

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Carpet tile

Patchwork carpet is a hot product in the office, the pavement is simple, can be arbitrary color and pattern stitching.

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Qianqiao Carpet Production Strength

QianQiao Production service system


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Free Sampling

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Mass Production

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Quality Inspection

Conduct inspection on genuine products and arrange for shipment

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