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Hotel Lobby is the best place to reflect the hotel's style and taste, and the choice of carpet craft and pattern is particularly important.

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Hotel Lobby Carpet Process Recommendation

Wilton Carpet

Material: Polypropylene Wilton carpet has a long service life, stable carpet shape, easy cleaning and maintenance, and high cost-effectiveness.

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Tufted carpet

Material: Chemical fiber、wool、Corn fiber Tufted carpets are mainly in elegant colors and patterns, and can be versatile with different decoration styles.

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Printed Carpet

Material: Nylon、Wool、Corn fiber Printed carpet can be personalized design patterns and colors, fast delivery, cost-effective, is the best-selling product of hotel carpet.

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Axminster Carpet

Material: 80% wool and 20% nylon Akmin carpet is a high-end product in the field of woven carpets, with excellent material selection, rich patterns, and high flame retardancy, making it an ideal choice for high-end hotels.

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Handmade Carpet

Material: Wool、Acrylic、Silk Handmade carpets have a comfortable and three-dimensional feel, making them a high-end customized craft. Handmade carpets can fully present the designer's design concept and also enhance the hotel's decoration taste.

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Qianqiao Carpet Production Strength

QianQiao Production service system


Communicate needs with customer service

Immediately consult

Design Draft

One on one communication, design sample

Immediately consult

Free Sampling

Once confirmed, arrange for a sample

Immediately consult

Mass Production

After sampling, the customer confirms and produces bulk goods

Immediately consult

Quality Inspection

Conduct inspection on genuine products and arrange for shipment

Immediately consult
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